Seven Horses In The House: Meaning And Purpose

Why did you put a picture of seven running horses in the house? This is one of many questions that may cross your mind. What does the image mean, and where does it belong? Find out in this article!

The Meaning of a Running Horse

Looking for an interesting and unique way to add some color and life to your home? Why not consider adding a running horse to your collection? There are many different meanings and purposes that can be described to a running horse, so it’s a great choice for anyone looking for symbolism or inspiration. Here are just seven of the most popular meanings:

1. Strength and Courage: A running horse is often used as a symbol of strength and courage, as it represents the power and speed of the animal.

2. Protection and Guardian: A running horse can be seen as a protector, watching over its surroundings vigilantly.

3. Luck and Fortune: A running horse can represent luck and fortune, as it is often associated with good fortune and happiness.

4. Speed and Movement: As a symbol of speed and movement, a running horse can inspire you to reach your goals quicker.

5. Good Fortune: A running horse can also be seen as a symbol of good luck, as it often brings positive outcomes in life.

The purpose of a Running Horse

A horse has been an integral part of many cultures and ceremonies for centuries. So what is the purpose of a running horse in our lives?

The symbol of a running horse has several purposes. The most common use today is as a symbol of speed and movement. It’s also used as a symbol of strength, power, and courage. It can be seen in various forms throughout the world, from paintings and sculptures to coins and tattoos.

In some cultures, the horse is seen as a working animal whose purpose is to help its owner earn money or support their family. In others, the horse may be seen as a companion who can provide emotional support. Regardless of its specific purpose, the running horse remains an important part of our cultural heritage.


Seven Horses In The House is a tarot card meaning that you are in the midst of a transition or change. This might be an exciting time for you, as you are starting something new and learning more about yourself. You are also likely to feel conflicted and uncertain at this time, as there are many possibilities open to you. However, using your intuition and understanding what is important to you will help guide your way through this period of growth.

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